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The '''Green Lama''' is a fictional character|fictional pulp magazine hero of the 1940s. In many respects a typical costumed crime-fighter of the period, the Green Lama was distinguished by the fact that he was a practicing Buddhism|Buddhist. Slightly different versions of the same character also appeared in comic books and on the Old-time radio|radio. The Green Lama character is not in the public domain, as the author "wisely retained all rights to his creation."Will Murray, "Introduction," ''The Green Lama'', vol. 1 (Altus Press, 2011), p. xvii (unpaginated). The copyright is owned by Kendra Crossen Burroughs (see Even though there was a loss of protection for the authorized derivative works (the Green Lama comic books of 1944-1946) due to nonrenewal, it is well established that where an underlying published work (the Green Lama pulp stories of 1940-1943) is still...
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